Yoga With Horses Singapore


What is Equine Yoga?


Equine Yoga Therapy includes gentle poses off and on the horse, with lots of breathing and awareness on how to deepen your connection with your horse and improve your mental health greatly. We’ll be practicing hip openers, shoulder stretches, deep twists, and lateral stretches to improve flexibility and balance when riding.

Used consistently, Equine Yoga Therapy complements any other riding instruction or training you receive on your journey toward a better horse-rider relationship. It is a wonderful opportunity to deepen your connection with the horse, as well as your inner self.


Benefits of Equine Yoga


  • Relaxing and Energizing
  • Balance and Alignment
  • Efficient Movement
  • Body Awareness
  • Flexibility


The time you spend in the saddle doing asanas (poses) is a great opportunity to include your equine partner in your practice. Horses pick up on the emotional environment, including our own energy, and are a true mirror of our emotional state. When our energy centers are balanced in harmony, horses and humans lead healthier life!

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