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What is Horse Therapy?


Horse Therapy encompasses a range of treatments that involve activities with horses to promote human physical and mental health.

An overall term that encompasses all forms of equine therapy is Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy (EAAT). Various therapies that involve interactions with horses for individuals with and without special needs, including those with physical, cognitive, and emotional issues.


Horse Therapy Singapore


Therapeutic Horse Riding


Therapeutic Horse Riding is a complementary therapy that stimulates the entire body of the patient. The patient, regardless of age, when on top of  the horse increase their self-esteem, enjoy the therapy and when accompanied by a combination of other therapies (music, massage therapy, coordination, sensory therapy, psychotherapy, etc.. ) during the riding period increases the patient’s rehabilitation.

There is no “standard” set of exercises Equine Therapy. Various exercises are recommended to stimulate different body areas, organs or muscle groups. Each patient must be treated according to their specific problem, The therapy requires rhythm, dexterity and contact so the exercise program undergoes continual adjustment depending on progress and medical conditions, the monitoring of which helps to increase efficiency and progress. The therapy should be considered in the same way as a “made to measure” tailored suit that is specifically designed for each patient’s requirements.

The simple act of sitting on top of a horse enables a passive therapy. In order to get a higher degree of rehabilitation, exercises must be performed by the patient during the therapy period via external stimuli and incentives such as the horse’s pace, the position of the patient on the horse etc., these are factors that influence and determine the effectiveness of this active therapy.

How Horses Help Humans


Equine assisted therapy is becoming increasingly popular for patients suffering a range of conditions – from physical therapy to speech and mental health issues. These rehab sessions can consist of things as little as patting the horse or stroking them as this can decrease stress levels, create a calm environment, and reduce anxiety. In relation to physical rehabilitation, the rhythmic movement of horses assists heavily with motor and sensory problems.



Posted by Healing Horses Singapore on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Along with the number of ways horses are beneficial to the mental and physical well being of humans, they also create a fun sense of community where people can come and connect to nature. Horses can help people with their everyday life skills as well as helping those in need of rehabilitation.


Other Horse Therapy Services We Provide


At Healing Horses Singapore, we provide a range of Professional Horse Therapy Services to help children/teenage/adults to manage the conditions as listed below. Through the years, we’ve seen significant results of Horse Therapy on child/teenage/adults, their progress is our greatest rewards and motivations! 


*Students with financial issues, can approach us for assistance *Free demonstration on basic horse management will be conducted for students on their 1st session (For School’s Indoor Therapy Program Only).

Terms and conditions:

*Strictly by appointment only

*Training will be conducted at the school’s premises itself and allocation of a private room is needed to conduct.


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