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Brain Injury


Horse Therapy for Brain Injury in Singapore Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) struggle to get through life. Even the simplest of tasks such as getting dressed can be arduous. Many TBI victims are forced to rely on others to provide for their daily needs. Most spend several hours in physical or occupational therapy each week. While traditional therapy serves a purpose, the discovery of equestrian therapy is providing new hope for TBI victims and their families.

Hippotherapy is a rather novel therapeutic approach where by the therapist uses the horse’s movement as a therapeutic intervention or support. Multimodal sensory inputs generated by the horse’s rhythmic walk generate adaptive responses in the patient that conceivably promote plastic changes in brain circuits.

The consolidation of motor and non-motor improvements depends partly on the congruence of the
session frequency and content.


Other Special Needs Conditions 


At Healing Horses Singapore, we provide a range of Professional Horse Therapy Services to help children/teenage/adults with special needs to manage the conditions as listed below. Through the years, we’ve seen significant results of Horse Therapy on child/teenage/adults, their progress is our greatest rewards and motivations! 



*Students with financial issues, can approach us for assistance *Free demonstration on basic horse management will be conducted for students on their 1st session

Terms and conditions:

*Strictly by appointment only

*Training will be conducted at the school’s premises itself and allocation of a private room is needed to conduct.


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