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We are the First in Singapore to combine horses and yoga and specialize in teaching Equine Yoga Therapy

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What is Equine Yoga Therapy?


Chithra Rogers, a Registered Horsework Facilitator, and a registered Yoga Teacher combines her two passions, horses and yoga, and specializes in teaching Equine Yoga Therapy (First in Singapore).

Equine Yoga Therapy is a practice that addresses the specific postures and movements of the horseback rider’s body. It focuses on balance, flexibility, core strength, lower back, shoulders, and hips, and most importantly improves your mental health.


Yoga Instructors and team


Equine Assisted Therapy provides a multi-faceted experience that can help people with a variety of physical, emotional, and mental health issues. Horse Yoga or Horseback yoga is the perfect practice for those who love both yoga and horses. Regardless of prior experience, Horseback yoga offers a unique experience that you will never forget.


Vyasa Yoga Recognition


Horseback Yoga is a mind and body-expanding practice that will help you to see yoga and life in a whole new way, offering unique benefits both in mind calming and in refining balance and stability. For horse lovers, it also offers a special way to connect with your horse and improve your horse riding skills.


Equine Yoga Therapy Singapore


Other Horse Therapy Services We Provide


At Healing Horses Singapore, we provide a range of Professional Horse Therapy Services to help children/teenage/adults to manage the conditions listed below. Through the years, we’ve seen significant results of Horse Therapy on children/teenage/adults, their progress is our greatest reward and motivation! 



*Students with financial issues, can approach us for assistance *Free demonstration on basic horse management will be conducted for students on their 1st session (For School’s Indoor Therapy Program Only).

Terms and conditions:

*Strictly by appointment only

*Training will be conducted at the school’s premises itself and allocation of a private room is needed to conduct.


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